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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

Selling Safety to the Front Line

Patick speaks to companies and at conferences to help inspire organizations to build a strong safety culture by making safety personal. Lessons learned are shared though stories from his experience as a front line supervisor and 25-year safety professional. Patrick offers safety leadership workshops for operations supervisors, managers and safety professionals based on his stories and lessons learned. The result is a strong, sustainable safety culture. 

You Are Safety

Patrick tailors his stories and messages to front line employees. Stories from his experience as a front line employee and supervisor highlight the employee’s responsibility for safety within the work community.
Patrick emphasizes three key points:

1. It’s better to be good than lucky.

2. Make safety a habit.

3. You are “safety.”

See Something, Say Something

Patrick also speaks on these topics:

  • Selling Safety to Upper Management – Target Audience – Safety professionals with responsibility for influencing leadership – Patrick describes how to use the “safety drivers” to tailor your message. Learn how to have a “Strategic Safety” conversation with upper management.

  • It’s All in the Presentation – Techniques to Enhance Your Presentation Skills – Target Audience – Operations managers, supervisors and safety professionals. Patrick shares his speaking techniques to help you enhance your public speaking skills with a focus on what you say, how you say it and how you look when you say it. Includes tips on effectively using PowerPoint.

  • See Something, Say Something – Target Audience – front line employees, supervisors and safety professionals. Patrick provides the encouragement and the “know-how” to speak up when you see a hazard or at-risk behavior. Learn how to have a See-Say conversation.


Patrick has spoken to the following organizations: Hexcel, Aramark, Missouri Mining Safety and Health Association, Penske, King & Prince, Ford Meter Box, Cabot Oil, Honeywell, Elzinga & Volkers Construction, Georgia Safety & Health Conference, American Industry Hygiene Conference and Expo, American Society of Safety Professionals, Safety Culture 2019 (BLR), Sabia Construction, Indiana Safety Conference, Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council. 


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Or, you may contact Patrick directly at 267-528-9527

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