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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

Selling Safety to the Front Line

About this Event


Illustrate the importance of influencing front line employees to help build a strong safety culture.

  1. As a former front line supervisor, I struggled mightily to do the right thing regarding my team’s safety. I hung banners with our safety slogan of the day, yelled a lot when I observed what I considered unsafe behavior, and dispensed disciplinary action if the conduct resulted in an accident. Funny thing, it worked for a few weeks. Then I repeated the same process. Today, my passion, energy, and effort have helped today’s supervisors, operations managers, and safety managers effectively manage safety. To get your employees to do what you want them to do. Why? Because as a 25-year safety professional, I see some of the same mistakes made today. I went through the same struggles, and I am here to help. 
  2. In this workshop, you will: 
    a. Analyze your safety leadership skills based on the Make Safety Personal leadership components.
    b. Identify opportunities for improvement. 
    c. Develop a Personal Action Plan. 


Patrick J. Karol CSP SMS CIT is an independent safety consultant. His career as a full-time safety professional includes over 20 years in the corporate safety departments of two Fortune 200 companies and the Federal government.

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