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New Year’s Goal Setting?

  I have never been a big new year’s resolution person, but I do like to use the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect and do three things: Be grateful for what I have. Be grateful for what I have. Recognize and feel good about my accomplishments, however small. Adjust my goals,Continue reading “New Year’s Goal Setting?”

My 8 Gallon Pin, How the American Red Cross Keeps Me Engaged

I’ve been giving blood through the American Red Cross for a long time. I’m in pretty good health and feel fortunate that I am able to give. The cool thing is that the Red Cross doesn’t take me for granted. They engage me in a way that shows appreciation for my efforts and my contributionContinue reading “My 8 Gallon Pin, How the American Red Cross Keeps Me Engaged”

“Safety is Boring”

Is safety boring or dry? No doubt, safety can be a tough sell. There are many reasons employees including senior leaders view safety as boring or dry, but often the problem is how we as safety professionals, operations managers, and supervisors talk about safety. Even the words we use, think audit, inspection, investigation, and violation,Continue reading ““Safety is Boring””

The Zero Injury Debate

The big debate in safety circles is always about zero. That debate surfaced again last week with the passing of Paul O’Neil. You may remember him as the Treasury Secretary for George W. Bush. Safety Professionals remember him as the CEO of Alcoa in the late 90’s and early 2000’s who lead with safety andContinue reading “The Zero Injury Debate”

Smiling, a Leadership Characteristic

I ran into a neighbor who had just returned from the grocery store. He talked about how shoppers seemed to be more on edge, short tempered, even rude today. We are in week 5 of this pandemic lock-down, so maybe that’s understandable. I often speak about the soft skills required to influence change or influenceContinue reading “Smiling, a Leadership Characteristic”

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