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The ABC Rule, Allies Build Careers… and they help you get things done

I hear it often from safety managers. “I’m a team of one and I barely have enough time to put out the daily fires much less do anything proactive.”

Does this sound familiar? If so, then the ABC Rule may be for you. I learned the ABC Rule from my first Safety Director at Delta Air Lines, Jim Swartz. Allies Build Careers and they help you get things done.

You’ve heard it before. Anyone who ever accomplished anything significant had lots of help from a support group. Those are your allies.

An ally is someone who you form a relationship or connection with, but not necessarily the one you lean on when you are in a pinch. An ally may be an informal leader on the shop floor or an hourly employee who has expressed interest in safety. It may be the Human Resources Director or Operations Manager. It may be an external safety consultant or industry colleague.

A network of allies, if given meaningful responsibility, is a powerful tool that will help you succeed when you feel overwhelmed or help you solve a problem that has perplexed you.

And here’s the best part—your allies are your followers who bring your vision to life. Visionaries need followers as much as followers need a vision. Your message coming from an influential ally is more powerful than your message coming from you!

There’s no need to go it alone. Remember the ABC Rule. Allies Build Careers and they help you get things done.

Who are your allies?

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