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Smiling, a Leadership Characteristic

I ran into a neighbor who had just returned from the grocery store. He talked about how shoppers seemed to be more on edge, short tempered, even rude today. We are in week 5 of this pandemic lock-down, so maybe that’s understandable.

I often speak about the soft skills required to influence change or influence behavior. My neighbor’s story reminded me of one of those skills I talk about, smiling! People who smile, manage more effectively, teach more effectively and sell more effectively. I’m talking about a heartwarming smile. A smile from the heart. There is so much more information in a smile than a frown. That’s why recognition is a better teacher than disciplinary action.

If you are a leader, ask yourself; when they see my face, will they see a smile or a frown? Will they see optimism or pessimism? I’m not suggesting that we manufacture a smile. Try this, ask yourself what you are grateful for. When you think of all that you are grateful for, you will smile and that smile will come from your heart.

Smiling is a leadership characteristic that we should practice now more than ever.

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