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Why is there always a line at Chick fil A?

Why is there always a line at Chick Fil A?

Because they hire talent, not people. Talent defined by character, competency, and chemistry. From hiring to on-boarding to the stewardship of the talent.

If you are looking for a great book on culture, I highly recommend Bet On Talent by Dee Ann Turner. I had the opportunity to hear her speak this week in Philadelphia. She is a compelling speaker and author.

Here are a couple of snippets from her latest book that resonated with me as a safety professional.

  • “Rule driven organizations create a culture of compliance.”

  • “Principle driven organizations create a culture of commitment.”

  • “Commitment breeds commitment and produces phenomenal business results.”

Bet On Talent is a “how-to” guide to building a remarkable team and culture. How do we as safety professionals contribute to the culture of the organization?

I reviewed her first book in a previous blog.

I love to read and would like to hear from you. Share a recent book or one of your favorites.

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