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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

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Meet one-on-one with Pat J. Karol

I Am Speaking at Safety 2019

I am speaking at Safety 2019 in NOLA.

As a corporate safety manager and today a consultant, I work with all levels of an organization from executive leaders to hourly employees. It still amazes me to see some of the same mistakes I made as a supervisor almost 30 years ago. The use of disciplinary action and games, gimmicks and giveaways to manager safety. When we don’t provide instruction to front line supervisors and managers (including safety) on basics of managing safety and influencing behavior, they revert to what they know which usually means a command and control management style that emphasizes compliance.

In addition, there are high expectations and responsibilities placed on supervisors to effectively manage safety, yet they are often provide little instruction or education on current management theory. Supervisors and safety professionals have the greatest influence on safety at the front line. In my session, I share the lessons I learned as a former front line supervisor and provide actions that you can take today to Sell Safety and ultimately help to create a stronger safety culture.

Session 6018, Selling Safety to the Front Line at 10:30 Tuesday morning, June 11.

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